Next Stop:Naples!

On the long bus ride from Rome, we eagerly awaited our arrival into the city of Naples. Arriving there late at night, we got settled in to their our new rooms at the Renaissance Naples Hotel. After that, we explored the city a little bit and got a yummy bite to eat!

We had an early but exciting morning the next day, heading off to our next site….Pompeii! We went on a guided tour through the ancient ruins and gained valuable knowledge about how people during that time lived. The tour guide took us to all of the important parts of town. This included the various ancient houses (both rich and poor), the shops (bakeries, etc) and even the brothels of the time! In addition, we viewed some body casts of these ancient people that were preserved in plaster. When the tour was over, we were free to view some places in Pompeii that we didn’t get to see on the tour. So, many of us went to go see the vast ancient amphitheater and a villa on the outskirts of the town. Then, we stood and watched the breathtaking view of the nearby Mount Vesuvius before we headed back to the hotel.

During our free time, many of us went to see the Castle Nuovo, which dates back to 1282. We saw many ancient artifacts; even some skeletons that were left there!!

The next day, we went to the Archaeological Museum of Naples, which had many additional artifacts from ancient Pompeii. This included frescos, mosaics, statues and even a whole “erotica” exhibit taken from the brothels. Then, we headed off to the Capodimonte  museum, which had many famous paintings both secular and non-secular. Even the detailing that was put into painting the walls and ceilings was absolutely amazing!

Before we knew it, our stay in Naples had come to an end and we were off to the town of Assisi!


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