Next Destination on our Adventure: Florence!

Our next destination on our adventure was Florence. As we were traveling via bus to Florence, it is safe to say that we were all extremely excited and looking forward to spending time in this well-known city for the next four days. Our first day in Florence consisted of walking around the city and getting acclimated to the area that was going to be our home for the next few days. Between viewing the numerous designer stores and even trying the famous gelato, we knew that we had a lot of fun things in store for us in the next upcoming days.

On our second day, we had a three hour guided tour in the morning in the Uffizi Museum. The class split off into two different groups, which dealt with two different topics. In one group, the guide focused on the changes in Mary from the beginning to her later years. We got to witness approximately eight paintings that showed not only her physical change, but also her changes of attitude in religious thought. The other guide with the other group showed them work that compared and contrasted the ideas of mythological and secular.

Our third day was very interesting as well. In the morning, we got a chance to visit the Bargello Museum. There were a wide range of sculptures that were intriguing, but one that certainly stood out was the sculpture of David. We learned as we were looking at this sculpture in full detail that this sculpture was one of the first sculptures made during the Renaissance period, which added some great meaning to this piece. After viewing David for some time, we then moved on to visit the San Lorenzo in the afternoon. It was just a quick visit, but the array of different types of work in there was truly remarkable. Lastly, we took a trip to the Medici Chapel, which was a beautiful site to see. Just walking around it and embracing all the types of detail within the church was an experience on its own.

On our last and final day in Florence, we took a trip to the Accademia Museum. Just like the Uffizi Museum, we got to view a lot of sculptures and other works. One sculpture that was a must see at this museum was the Michelangelo David. This sculpture really caught people’s attention as they were approaching the area due to the size of the sculpture. We had a chance to compare and contrast the David we saw at the Uffizi Museum to the one we saw at the Accademia. All in all, we as a group can agree that we had a wonderful time in Florence. However, we were eager and ready to continue our adventure to our next city, Sienna!


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